Friday, December 17, 2010

Garden Companions

“A true friend can multiply your joy and divide your sorrow.”
~Bruce Bickle and Stan Jantz

What a day, what a day! It was a gorgeous day to be in the garden on Monday. The buckets of rain ended but the unseasonably warm temperatures from the tropical jet stream that remained lured me out. It felt like March! First I went for a long walk, soaking up the sun. Then I brought my orchids out for a thorough cleanup and repotting, a messy job I’d rather do outside than in. A bit of sweeping and trimming needed to be done as well, and it was then I noticed bulbs pushing their way up. I saw the green tips of crocus, colchicum, and daffodils.

While the birds were singing and flitting about, I got to thinking of all the garden companions I’ve had visit this year. I’m never alone when I’m in my garden. Here’s a few of the many friends that kept company with me this year.

Now the rain has returned but for the morning at least the bees were flying and happy, birds were singing and happy, cat was galloping around and happy and I was happy. Now the orchids are happy. What a day!

In Bloom In My Garden Today: Primrose, Daphne 'Eternal Fragrance' and 'Summer Ice'

Some photos courtesy of Pat Chissus
The rest are authors photos


Cindy said...

OH YAY for lovely days outside! I love all your pictures and visitors!

Also, I am glad you said your bulbs are sprouting. My are too (hyicinths...sp) I was so shocked, but maybe it's a fall bloom. I forget when they are supposed to sprout.

I need to prune my roses. they look ready for their naps.

enjoy your beautiful weather! We have rain. xo

Joan said...

Hi Cindy
I think your hyacinths are right on time. They are spring bloomers in the northern half of the world. Since you are warmer than we are yours are up earlier. Mine probably won't make an appearance for another month or two. Still, blooms are a ways away.

Do you leave the rosehips on your roses? The process of forming hips gives the plant signals to go dormant. Dormancy is important here where winter is cold, but where you are maybe not so much. I don't know, but they are great for winter decorations.


Cindy said...

oh, a lot of the time I do.

that may be it, because I have been bad about dead heading my roses.

the stalks are yellow and thinning, and not just green.

tells me it's time.

glad to know my bulbs are okay!

Kathy J said...

Hi Joan!
I can't believe you have bulbs already sprouting! It WAS a warm week, wasn't it? I love the pictures of your feathered friends' they're so clear. And, I am happy to be counted amongst one of your friends to be in your lovely garden.

Kathy J said...

HA HA!! I did it all by myself and it worked this time!!!
Merry Christmas, Friend!!

Joan said...

Hi Kathy!
Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

I will need to be keeping the memory of that warm day in mind and the sunny day of your visit to keep me warm in this cold snap that is coming our way. The bulbs will no doubt be sorry they've poked their heads up.