About Me

I garden in the south Puget Sound region of Washington State, USA; USDA zone 7-8. 

I began gardening at about age 6, growing pumpkins in Redding California.
I got serious in 1984 when I rented a little house which had one sickly rose, laurel hedging that needed some serious attention, and a walkway that looked much better after I carved patches of earth out out the grass and planted some annuals.  I was hooked and it has become a passion for me today. 

In 1986 I began the transformation of a new garden.  Read about it in the post titled “A Fixer-Upper Garden”.  My husband built the stone walls and brick steps that has made the hardscape of the garden what it is today.

I have learned gardening by just getting dirty, making mistakes, having successes, learning from other gardeners, reading and attending seminars and garden shows when I can.

I visit botanical gardens and volunteer at my municipal greenhouse where we grow for the city’s parks and gardens.  You can learn so much so quickly when you work with the pros.

In 2007 I began keeping bees and am state certified at the Apprentice and Journeyman levels.