Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm OK...Really I Am

Hi Friends!

Sorry for the lapse in posts. Lest you worry that I’ve fallen into my rain barrel and can’t climb back out, worry not. I am still gardening and keeping bees, and I want to write about it, but I am having technical difficulties with We seem to have differing opinions about the easiest way to upload photos, and what fun is a gardening blog without photos? Please be patient with me as I explore my options and remedies. Until then, I trust you are raking your fall leaves for mulch and smiling every time you see a honeybee. Oh, and did you remember to buy and plant Abyssinian Glads this spring? Mine are blooming now…ahhh the fragrance!

Happy Fall season to you!


Shari B. (FitFeat) said...

Hi Joan! So sorry to hear you are fighting with Blogger! That's too bad! I do like Wordpress and found their free platform to be very user friendly.

I was just figuring you must be in the same "super-busy" mode that I am! :)

Hope you are having a nice weekend! I am, now that my homework is DONE! I can let my brain relax the rest of the day PLUS it's going to be our last warm day for awhile. 75 degrees! YAY!! I need to go stock up on some outdoor vitamin D!

Joan said...

Well by all means take advantage of a 75 degree day! Yay for finished homework! You sound a good way.

I did play around on WP for several:( hours and found there were many things I like better and many I didn't like. Too bad you can't get everything you like on a single platform. oh well, I may make a switch but not before I'm more comfortable, it's VERY different than blogger. I think I'm just used to blogger, so it seems easier. I noticed a book in your library that I will check out to help me get a handle on WP.

Stay tuned!! And get some R and R! That's an order!

Cindy said...

we have been cleaning up our yard again now that we are bout done with the rental project.

we are planning our last fruit trees to plant and re-installing some better planned drip for the slope.

bees are still on the list. now that some dust is settling it's back in discussion mode. Hubs really thinks it will do our trees good! YAAAAAAAAY.

I've had both blogger and now WP. I know I already told you my two cents on it but it doesn't slow me down and I think it was much easier than blogspot.

couldn't hurt to start one and see how you like it! you can even move this blog over (I think)

blogs! haha

Joan said...

Hi Cindy,
Fruit trees...which ones? We were thinking of a bartlett pear to put in next year. I had an asian pear at lunch today...they are soooo good.

Yay bees in your future!

I've been playing on WP, even got the beginnings of one set up but ran into some confusion. What do you mean I may be able to move this blog over? I just figured I'd have to have posts on each with URLs directing readers to the other. It would be nice to keep it going on one.

Happy planting fruit trees and dreaming of bees!!

Cindy said...

I have been reading about the ability to take your blog with you, I am not sure if you can bring yours over too!

I'm gonna go see!

oh, and we want some more "P" trees: peach, pomegranite and persimmon. a Pear would hit the spot too.

we two avocados now, an apricot and 2 lemons. Also a loquat.


Joan said...

oh Cindy to be in your tropical paradise! Persimmon! Never tried them but they are beautiful fruits. I'll have to try one. Your garden sounds wonderful!