Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just in the Nick of Time!

Thanks, thanks, and ever thanks.

Normally I do minimal fall cleanup in the garden. I save the majority of trimming for spring. But the weather forecasters have been warning us of some unusually early temperatures in the 20’s F (-6C) and winds from Canada coming our way by weeks end. Normally we don’t get these low temps till January so I had to get moving on some garden chores. Saturday I spent the morning mowing the lawn for the last time, wrapping faucets, trimming roses a little so the winds wouldn’t whip and break them and generally tidying up some of the garden so plants wouldn’t scrape against the house with winds. But also I did a few winter protective things like tucking leaves and trimmings into neat little protective mounds around the crowns of some plants, covering others with burlap bags, draining and covering the fountains, wrapped bubble wrap around the hummingbird feeder and filled it with a heavier syrup, hooked up the birdbath heater so the water won’t freeze and so on. The temp was around 42F (6C) and breezy but I was moving at a good clip so I felt warm.

Later that afternoon we had to winterize the trailer and repair some fencing before more winds blew it down. The temps were dropping into the 30’s (2C), and with the wind chill it felt like -20 F to me. I was getting cold. I could no longer feel my fingers and I was getting a wee bit crabby. Ok…really crabby. I came into the house to put my hands in a sink of warm water and looked longingly at the tea kettle when I noticed the mail had come. And a happy package was awaiting! I tore into the envelope as fast as my stiff, cold hands could. It was a beautiful knitted fluffy, warm, cozy warm scarf in gorgeous colors and 2 tiny knitted bees from my friend, knitter and fellow blogger Cindy! Did I say warm? I was so cold that I wrapped that scarf around my head! It is a perfect length to go around twice and tuck into the collar of my coat around my neck! I was as snug and warm as my bees in their hive. I wore that for 3 more hours while we finished our chores. The sky was turning pink like it does when it’s about to snow and the dark was closing in. The air felt arctic-esque to me and we finished the fence by the illumination of the street lights.

Snow is on the way, but I’m ready. Thanks Cindy, you saved the day. You Rock.  I love it!

In Bloom In My Garden Today: Geum, Primrose, Gladiolus callianthus Abyssinian Glad, Cyclamen hederifolium, Gaura, Fushia, Alyssum, Nepeta, Schizostylus, Veronica, Salvia, Lavender, Daphne caucasica ‘Eternal Fragrance’ and ‘Summer Ice’

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Shari B. (FitFeat) said...

Cindy is an amazing knitter, isn't she? What a BEAUTIFUL scarf - it looks so warm and cozy! And how fun that you also got some little bees! I've been enjoying watching her create the tiny toys at her blog!

I think Colorado must be stealing your warmer weather lately - we've had a fabulous fall and I feel so grateful that we haven't had any snowstorms yet (especially for my L-O-N-G drive to school).

So glad you got a happy package in the mail to brighten your day!

Joan said...

Hi Shari!
Yes, it's snowing right now, but only lightly. We'll be going for a walk soon. Love that but it's way too early for us for this now. I was wondering how your fall is going. Glad it's still pleasant. And yes, commuting is nasty stuff in the snow.

and yes Cindy is an amazing knitter...She goes so fast! It's fun to see how creative she is.

Cindy said...

I am sitting here (at work, shhhh) in tears Joan!

You are so sweet! and SHARI you too MLady!

seeing you wear your scarf and knowing it came in the nick of time to help you get thru your yard winterizing MADE. MY.WEEK.

I feel guilty (especially this time of year) because California is still warm (just not this weekend) and I made that in the 70 degree sun. I am a total ninny in true cold weather but I also just cut off the finger tips of a cheap pair of gloves I bought so I could type with warmer hands.

How happy it made to make it for you and that YOU WON!!! and a true BEEK needs a few knitted bees!


stay warm my friend and much love (to you both!!!)


Joan said...

Hi Cindy,
Don't you dare feel guilty about being in 70 degrees...keep writing about it, it makes me feel warmer. I know what you mean about being a temp whimp...hubster calls me one all the time. To me this is arctic but to live in Shari's winters would do me in! I'm a CA native thru and thru but thanks to you and your scarf I'm staying warm! Right now its 27 degrees with a blowing wind and all the roads are iced over. I-5 is shut down in several places as I type. But when I go out to shovel the walks I'll be wearing THE scarf!! :)

ddzeller said...

Love the scarf. What a sweet thing to send you and just in time for the cold weather>

Joan said...

Hi DD,
Wasn't that sweet though? I wore it wrapped around my face and neck today for a beautiful walk around town in the snow. Toasty warm!
Thnaks for visiting.