Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkins and Poppies...It Must Be Fall

It is good to be alone in a garden at dawn or dark so that all its shy presences may haunt you and possess you in a reverie of suspended thought.
~James Douglas, Down Shoe Lane

I love growing plants in the garden that keep giving long after the plants have become compost in my bin. Every fall I look forward to making a fun arrangement at my front door using the seed pods from the purple poppies that bloom in the summer. I also like to grow the mini pumpkins in white or orange up a trellis. This year I grew ‘Baby Boo’ which is the white variety. Combine them with a fun Halloween plaque and the front door is ready to greet the October 31st revelers seeking candy treats for their tricks.

Purple poppies are gorgeous in summer.

The seed pods ripen in August and September. As they dry and the tops open I shake out all the seeds and save them for the next year and to share with friends.

Add a terracotta pot with the plaque and voila! This years fall decoration that will last till it’s time to change it to something for Christmas.

Happy Autumn!

In Bloom In My Garden Today: cimcifuga ‘Brunette’, colchicum, gaura, blue fall crocus speciosus, fushia, alyssum, coryopsis, nepeta, Russian sage, rose, eupatorium ‘chocolate’, oregano, Schizostylus, mullen chaixii ‘Album’, veronica, salvia, hardy geranium ‘Mavis Simpson’, lavender, kirengeshoma palmata, Daphne caucasica ‘Eternal Fragrance’ and ‘Summer Ice’

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Cindy said...

my poppy seeds just poofed away. Not sure where they went (probably back in the dirt??)

JJ is having fun with his bean stalks. Plus he is busy planting rose hips now.

such a lil goof.

Love your transition to Fall! So perfect

Joan said...

JJ is a gardener in the making...that's so cool!

Did you not get any pods? One reader in Virginia said poppies don't do well in their humidity. I wonder if they may not do well in your heatwave? Perhaps try some seeds next spring in the ground. Maybe they'll do better. Sometimes pots can have watering issues. Thanks for trying them and the report.

Shari B. (FitFeat) said...

Joan, I love your Halloween arrangement! So creative! We seek refuge in our basement from the trick-or-treaters most years now, primarily thanks to our insane dogs that go NUTS every time the doorbell rings, so it makes for a stressful night (for them, for us, and probably for the poor trick-or-treaters who fear they'll be eaten by our dogs!) when we do decide to hand out candy.

Looking forward to planting my purple poppy seeds next year!

Joan said...

Thanks Shari!
I do understand your reluctance to treat the tricksters...stressed out dogs is no fun.
I hope the poppies do well in your area!