Monday, July 5, 2010

Pfabulous Purple Poppies!

Plants cry their gratitude for the sun in green joy.
~Astrid Alauda

Yay! Summer has officially arrived in my garden when the purple poppies pop! And today, July 5, is the day! Take a look-see at this beauty, the first of the bunch, just opened this morning!

Oddly enough it’s a long running grumbling joke among the locals of these parts that summer always arrives on July 5. This year it holds true. Yesterday's celebrations of America’s Independence and Freedom were greeted with cool cloudy weather, a few sun breaks and a spot of rain overnight. But now the weather forecasters promise that the heat for the heat seekers will arrive this week. With each day jumping 10 degrees, by tomorrow it is supposed to be in the low 80’s F (27C). Yesterday was in the low 60’s F (15C). Woo hoo!

In Bloom In My Garden Today: Purple Poppies, Borage, Phygelius, Echinacea, Lobelia, Mullen, Nigella (Love-In-A-Mist), Thyme, Lavender, Dutch Iris, Clematis, Bletilla (hardy orchid), Thalictrum rochebrunianum (Meadow Rue), Lavender ‘Hidcote’, Digitalis, Begonia ‘Bonfire’, Penstemon schmidel ‘Red Riding Hood’, Salvia officinalis (culinary sage), Salvia nemorosa ‘Viola Klose’ and 'Hot Lips', Astilbe ‘Bridal Veil’, Baptisia, Tomato ‘Stupice’, Dianthus (Pinks), Hardy Geranium, Peas, Heuchera ‘Palace Purple’, Armeria latifolia ‘Joystick’, Rose, Nepeta ‘Six Hills Giant’, old fashioned Coral Bells (Heuchera), Alpine strawberry, Daphne caucasica ‘Eternal Fragrance’ and ‘Summer Ice’

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Shari B. said...

AAAHHHH! I haven't planted my poppies yet - I'm terrible, I know! One plant at a time! I'm taking baby steps! :) I have the seeds in a safe spot for when I'm ready to take the leap! ;) This is a good nudge - what a GORGEOUS and richly colored bloom!

Joan said...

Nooo not terrible, just cautious! :) Probably in your case it's a good thing because it's probably too hot now for them to germinate.

They like to be sown in the cool of late winter. Here that is Feb...where you are, well after the snow melts but before it gets sweltering hot...I know this year, you had about a week inbetween winter and summer but one can only do her best! :) Save them in that safe spot for next spring when I know you'll be ready for leaping!

Cindy said...


Mine are getting big but no signs of blooms yet. but check on them daily we do!

I am so glad you showed them to us. I was curious how they looked.

it's raining here.


Joan said...

Yep that's what they look like...a most delicious color I think. When the buds appear don't be alarmed, because the hang down till they are about to open...then they stand up.

I think we swapped noon today it was 80 degrees already. I'm loving it!

Tracy Zhu said...

Beautiful picture. I put the poppy seeds you sent me in the freezer for safekeeping until I plant them this winter. Is that OK? Oh, and I'm loving the heat too!

Joan said...

Hi Tracy, thanks for stopping by! I hope all is well with you.

I think the refrigerator is safer than the freezer. If you can put them in an air tight container or baggie with some of those desicant packets that come with new shoes or vitamins, that will hold them over great. I sow mine in Feb/Mar.

Have a great day! Love this weather!

Tracy Zhu said...

Thanks. I have them in a ziplock bag so hopefully that's airtight enough, and I'll transfer them to the fridge. Which I would like to crawl into about now.